Vintage Bay City Brewing Export Beer 1906

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The Bay City Brewing Company was established in 1873 and considered one of the first brewery's in the region. The product they manufactured was known as Present Use ale. When the brewery first stated it produced lager beer using a small batch process until 1884, when it was reorganized and incorporated. This vintage style Tee shows the original 1906 label. 

In 1892 the Bay Journal wrote the following; Bay City Brewing Company aims especially to supply the domestic trade, and their large establishment gives employment to about twenty-five men. They have recently fitted up a new department, the bottling works, and will bottle a prime quality of export beer designed chiefly for family use. The ice houses in connection with the brewery have a capacity of four thousand and eight hundred and seventy-five tons. The engine-room is fitted with a twenty-five horse-power engine which furnishes power for the whole concern. Its chief use is to pump brine through the endless system of pipes that are used to tone down the temperature of the storing, fermenting and other departments.